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Osteria del Sole

Vicolo Ranocchi, 1, 40124 Bologna BO


  • 1) The drink is mandatory
  • 2) It is possible to book a table with a minimum consumption requirement of no less than 10 Euros per person.
  • 3) It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages not purchased in the host tavern.
  • 4) It is allowed to bring and consume food brought from outside with the obligation to purchase drinks in the Osteria.
  • 5) It is not appreciated, according to the local tradition, and also for the respect of other customers, to play, sing and anything else that may disturb other customers.
  • 6) Respect for the assets (Paintings, Photos, Tables, Paintings ...) which constitute the historical memory of the place.
  • 7) Dogs kept on a leash are allowed to enter (The Management would like them to drink wine or beer too).

For reservation, call +39 347 9680171