Welcome to Osteria del Sole since 1465

Since 1465 there's a place in Bologna, an 'hosteria' stuck in between old streets and typical shops. A part of the city with a medieval taste. Osteria del Sole is much more than a place where you meet others. It is a trip through time around a glass of wine: here you can bring your own food and you can eat it around big wood tables, while talking about the world.

One of the most ancient 'hosteria' of the world

It is hard to trust, but the first documents about Osteria del Sole are dated in 1465. Who knows how many stories or how many people got here. The ‘Sole’ is oozed with history and gives a sense of respect to whoever walks through the entrance door. Although there is always a familiar feeling.

Which wine?

You can ask the innkeeper if the wine’s good, he will always tell you ‘yes!’. Wine is part of this place as the mortar uniting the bricks that support it. There’s no Osteria del Sole without wine.

We put the wine, you put the food!

If you read it, or if you never came here, you may think it’s a joke. But it’s really like this. We only serve to drink, no drinks with no alcohol, only beer and wine. But don’t worry, around here you will easily find something to eat!